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Daniel Walter Hill

The Travels and Photography Enthusiast

Since he can remember, Daniel Walter Hill has always had a camera in his hand at all times. A simple point-and-shoot camera was given to him by his grandfather. His family was ecstatic and eager to pose for him. They made stances that made the images look more natural, posed for birthday pictures, and did every possible pose. NAME started taking photos because his family encouraged him to do so.


People on the East Coast go to national parks.

When we lived in the Hill home, we planned trips to East Coast national parks during the summers. Dan will always be grateful for these trips because they not only brought the family closer together, but also made him want to take wildlife photos. From Acadia to Biscayne, Mr. Hill has great memories of these trips with his family.

A trip to the Atlantic coast from Acadia National Park to Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park is sure to change Daniel Walter Hill's life.

West Coast is now.

Daniel Walter Hill wants to give his kids the same things he had when he was a child. This is a tradition that he wants to keep up. He wants his kids to love nature as much as he does, so he and his family go to national parks all the time. When they went on this trip, though, they would be going to the West Coast national parks.

In the past, his family has already been to Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks as well as the Redwood National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park, and the Redwood National Park.
They want to go to Florida's panhandle this summer.
Daniel talks about his trips to national parks as a child and the vacations he has taken with his own family on his blog. You are welcome to go to the page and read about how he took pictures in these parks.

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